Our Little Jet Setter

Baby CJ Makes his airplane Debut and gets his 1st passport stamp!

The Prince Has Arrived!

An entire month early, this baby's calling All the shots! 


Devereaux ,Party of Three

Boy, oh Boy! We're Expecting!

"l Do" Part Two!


Since our crew wasn't with us when we said "I Do" in Greece, we did it all over again at our travel-Themed reception on our 1-year anniversary!


We's Married Now

We made it official in Santorini, Greece on April  28, 2016!


Our Story

Cathryn and Jaison met at a Greyhound bus station in Dover, Delaware in 2006. Sitting on the same bench awaiting a bus to Norfolk, the two struck up a conversation discovering that they were both Hampton University students, born and raised in the garden state. had grown up in the same church, St. James AME Church in Newark, NJ. The parallels between their lives were undeniable, and the combination of curiosity and chemistry led them to sit together on the six hour bus ride, talking and laughing the whole way. In just a few hours on that bus, Jai and Kat laid the foundation for a friendship that some seven years later would turn out to be so much more.


From the very beginning, travel has been at the forefront of their relationship. From meeting at a Bus Terminal, to dating long distance from New Jersey and Maryland to traveling around the world together, getting engaged in Bangkok, Thailand and eloping in Santorini, Greece with their moms by their side! They are truly a "GO EXPLORE LOVE" story!