Through the Storm, Through the Night...

In the days that led up to our departure, Jaison and I faced a host of disheartening hurdles—great and small—which made it even more clear to me how important this journey would be for us. I’ve always found myself encountering major obstacles right before embarking on an important journey or task. So this time, no different than any other, I knew we were on the right track…

Months ago as we sat in our three bedroom, three and a half bathroom townhouse in Woodbridge, NJ, Jaison and I read an article about a young couple traveling the world on an indefinite honeymoon. We thought it was the absolute coolest idea ever. Over dinner, we teased one another about which one of us was bold enough to actually do something of that nature, and eventually just moved on to regular after work table talk.

We never made mention of the article again after that until months later when we’d been hit by a few of life’s curve balls. With school, work, family, health, overbearing landlords, finances, and any and every other factor imaginable weighing on our shoulders, we found peace and promise in the opportunity to pursue this beautiful adventure. While it would have been easy to fall into a funk and throw pity parties galore, we, instead, viewed our current situation as an opportunity to do something great. It was almost as if the Almighty himself had moved everything out of the way and illuminated this one path for the two of us to walk on. Everything just fell right into place. Our families, while initially totally stunned and opposed, eventually came around and supported our decision to “Go. Explore. Love.” Every person that we shared our vision with fell in love with the idea of where life had taken us. All of that positive energy fueled us to stay focused on our vision. It almost seemed too easy.

We had already been in the process of selling some of our household items and furniture due to our plans of relocating, so once this decision had been made, we kicked it into high gear. The house was empty of all furniture and only clothes, shoes, and odds and ends remained. It took what seemed like forever to clear out the rest of our belongings from the house. These were our final days of residential living, and they were the most difficult of all. We dealt with deadlines from our landlords, Hurricane Joaquin, poor hotel choices, family drama, storage facility blackouts and closing times, and aching bodies from the manual labor of moving, and all of these things just added onto the stress of what was to come. To make matters worse, Jaison and I seemed to be fighting about absolutely everything. We fussed about who would drive, who carried what, the route we’d take, what we’d eat, and on and on. When it rains, it most certainly pours… both literally and figuratively in this case.

Part of me was ready to just give up… Throw in the towel… Call it quits! I simply couldn’t deal with embarking on one of the greatest journeys of my life along with the exhausting move and our relationship bickering. As I started to reflect on everything that had been going so wrong over the last three days, all I could do was cry. This was such a mess. Jaison and I weren’t ready. This decision was straight up dumb. All of these negative thoughts began to pour into my mind, and all of a sudden, I felt this great sense of joy come over me. Yes, joy. I began to laugh uncontrollably through my tears and threw my hands up in reverence to the Holy Spirit that surrounded me in that very moment. I knew that all this mess only meant that we were on the right track. We had been graced with smooth sailing for the weeks that led up to this, and at the first sign of choppy waters, we were not about to quit. We were about to fight and pull through as a team. I remembered that we were an unstoppable, unbreakable unit and our steps had been ordered for this.

Now, I would be lying in saying that after I had this Significant Emotional Experience (S.E.E.) everything worked out flawlessly. After all, this is no fairytale. What I can say is that my mentality was different. The rain still poured, there was still much work to be done, we were still working through the wee hours of the morning, the storage facility was still blacking out, and our landlords were still overbearing, but I felt resilient and unfazed by things that seemed to be designed to tear us down. Honestly, I just prayed and sang and hummed and danced and I felt so empowered. I was exhausted, yet I felt energized. The storage bins were heavy, but I felt strong. Even within our bickering, I knew that it was just a trick of the enemy to throw us off course. We refused to fail.

The dust eventually settled and we were finally all packed and ready to begin the journey of travel, exploration and love. Our house was empty; our storage was full; our minds and hearts were at peace. New adventures were on the way…

"Giving up on your goal because of one setback is like slashing your other three tires because you got a flat."

#beginning #obstacles #perseverance #storm #overcome #setback

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